The Tale of the Magical Growing Eyelashes

Once upon a time, there was a pair of eyes… No I don’t think this is going to work.. I’ll start again. So, over a year ago in about November 2016, I started reading reviews about an eyelash growth solution called Lilash, and as a beauty junkie who is forever trying new products, I really wanted to give it a go. I am all for big full lashes and I was desperate to grow my own natural lashes. I had been having LVL (Life, Volume and Length) treatments, which basically gave my own lashes a perm, and the results I had were amazing. It is a pretty bizarre treatment in which your eyes are closed, another eyelid is ‘built’ on top of your own (I’m really not explaining this too well…) and your lashes are almost folded up and tinted. Depending on what your natural lashes were like before, you are left with lashes that could potentially pass as falsies. Now I have naturally very dark eyelashes, but they weren’t super long on their own so LVL was the answer for me at the time.

When I was a bit younger and first started wearing mascara, I used to pick my mascara off of my eyelashes at the end of the day, which caused some of them to fall out, leaving me with bald patches and it took me a really long time to grow them back to the point they were when I was having the LVL treatments. However, I wanted to try something that would avoid me having to go and get my eyelashes done and that I could maintain myself. I saw some brilliant results and reviews from Lilash and so I thought I would go for it. I started using it in January 2017, firstly with a 3 month tube and then bought the 6 month one after- because my eyelashes were looking INSANE. I don’t want to blow my eyelashes’ trumpet…but they did. I was constantly getting compliments on my lashes and I was asked if they were fake virtually every day, all I would respond was….it’s Lilash.

You use it once a day, at any time ( I apply mine at night before I go to sleep) and apply it how you would liquid liner, just a thin line of the solution on your upper lash line. You apply it for 12 weeks consistently and let the results speak for themselves. After the 12 weeks, you have a week long break and then start again. The only thing about Lilash is that once you start, to maintain the results you have to keep applying it, and it is pretty pricey. But considering how much lash extensions and LVL treatments are and how regularly you have to go, it is completely worth it in my opinion. Also, because I have been using it for so long now, I only apply it every other night, which means the tube lasts even longer.

You would think I got commission from the amount I talk about it (please), but you can order directly from their website to be sure you have the right one, as there are many copies on the market. I must have easily told 50 people about it… and I have tried other similar products such as Revitalash and never had the same sort of outcome.  I really really would recommend it for anyone that wants to grow their own lashes rather than wear extensions, experience the wizardry of Lilash and still be able to wear mascara.

Pat yourself on the back if you have made it to the end of this post… I am aware there is more to life than eyelashes, but I just wanted to share a product that I absolutely love and try to break the record for the number of times the word ‘lashes’ is used in a blog post. 🙂

PS. In the photo I only have the tiniest bit of mascara on!!!!


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