About Me



Welcome to my little space on the internet. ‘About Me’ reminds me of doing group exercises and the dreaded ‘tell us one interesting fact about yourself’. Luckily,  I can ramble a bit in this and try to make myself seem more interesting… I’ll give it a go. My name is Romy, middle name Clementine…( I know what you’re thinking, one of those tiny oranges right?) Yep that’s my name. I have just graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Drama. I’m from Nottingham in the middle of the UK, and I have a beautiful Bichon Frisé/ Poodle cross called Teddy, he’s the best.

I am a total book worm, foodie, adventurer and deep thinker with a love of writing, acting, lipstick and leopard print. One of my favourite things to do is browse book shops with an iced coffee in my hand… bliss! I love fashion and make-up, once thinking I would explore the world of film make-up and prosthetics after uni, but now have decided to delve head first into acting. Scary, as there’s a lot of uncertainty that comes with that, but still exciting. I’m going travelling with my boyfriend Sam in January, searching for the best beaches & burgers of Australia and beyond before trying to break into the film industry.

I decided to start this blog because I have always loved writing, but usually I am the only one that sees it. I kept a diary for virtually all of my childhood, mostly about playground ‘fall outs’ and boys I ‘fancied’ for 2 weeks. Since I have got a bit older, I’m constantly writing, everything from goals and dreams to rambling feelings. Since my Dad passed away 4 years ago, I also write a diary to him whenever I feel like I need some strength. So it seemed like the natural thing to do to start a blog. I want to write about make-up, books, travel, fashion and food (of course), how I am approaching life after loss and many other things along the way.

Thanks for reading!

Romy xxxx