My Very First Post


September 17th 2017

I have wanted to start a blog for about 2 years now and I never really knew where to start, what would be the ‘appropriate’ starting topic or time… whatever that even means. I wanted to document my travels, my love of food and my passion for make up and lifestyle, along with more personal posts. But where to start?

I always wanted to begin but never really knew how and whether anyone would even read it. After putting it off and worrying that I’m not witty enough, or succinct enough as a writer to start a blog, I have decided to just do it. What is the worst that can actually happen? No one reads it. And does that even really matter? I am doing it for me, mainly because I like writing my thoughts down and if people actually read it then that’s great, but if they don’t… I’m sure my Mum still will.

Although this may seem like a strange way to begin, I’m using it as a sort of introduction. I used to think ‘it’ll be fine once I get into it’… But that’s the problem.. getting into it. But here we are, I’ve started, I’m diving in head first and I plan to write regularly and about anything I fancy. I’m 21, about to start my final year at Loughborough University and I am interested in everything from how to make the perfect mac & cheese (I think I’m pretty close), to travelling across the USA seeking the best views, to finding the best full coverage concealer (which by the way I personally think is the new Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer), to coping with loss and grief. I guess part of the reason I took so long to start this blog is that it feels like a very personal snapshot of my life which feels a bit scary, but it doesn’t always have to be.

So there you go… I’ve done it! Was it really that hard? Why did I wait this long? I have actually managed to start my blog by rambling about starting my blog… and I think that’s okay.

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